Iron Kobe Illustration (Canvas Print)

Iron Kobe Illustration (Canvas Print)

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Ever since I was a boy Kobe Bryant was always my super hero. From watching the incredible work he would do on the court made me fall in love with the game of basketball. Just like any other kid, I wanted to be just like Kobe. Years after years and no one made basketball as exciting to watch then watching the Mamba into action. When we lost Kobe back in 2020, we all lost a piece of ourselves. Especially all the basketball players all across the world. Kobe Taught us more than basketball. He taught us what a true warrior looks like. He taught us what a Mamba really is. Kobe is an icon to the world. To Kobe and his baby girl Gigi and all the precious souls who left us all too soon... We love you and we miss you beyond what words can explain. #MambaForever


*This illustration was made due to my love for the Marvel comics and movies. From our favorite, Tony Stark (Iron Man) sacrificing his life to save the universe, this illustration is inspired by Iron Man. What greater way to bring back two legends that we lost in 2020 than to have them comeback as one. Kobe as Iron Man and Gigi as War Machine (inspired concept). Hope everyone love this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it.


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